The Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery

CAPeX, The Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery, established in May 2023, is a major, long-term research initiative dedicated to advancing P2X materials essential for the production of hydrogen, liquid fuels, and chemicals from renewable electricity.

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On 3 May, Director of Capex, Tejs Vejs, was keynote speaker at DTU Commemoration. Tejs presented the ideas and solutions for accelerating the discovery of new materials for Power2X in front of, e.g., His Majesty, the Minister of Education and Research, the foundations, valued partners and students.

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Tejs Vegge

Tejs Vegge Professor, Head of Section Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

A strategy for educational excellence

Educating the next generation(s) of researchers, engineers, innovators, and leaders in the green transformation by providing educational excellence at the MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral level is critical for ensuring societal impact, and a key focal point in CAPeX. CAPeX will assume a highly collaborative effort, where young talent from all geographies will have access to the best professors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the latest educational approaches.

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The Center unites experts from five Danish and three international universities in conducting fundamental strategic research and delivering transformative breakthroughs across scientific disciplines, methods, and sustainable and scalable materials discovery and development.


The CAPeX Pioneer Center is funded by a grant of 300 million DKK from: