The infrastructural and transdisciplinary backbone of CAPeX is based on three pioneering research themes (T’s) that constitute the methodological foundation and develop the modular data infrastructure and tools needed to accelerate the material discovery process.

The infrastructure and methodologies developed in the research themes will support four “product”-oriented X-trails. The X-trails will pursue breakthroughs in a specific “X”, which is central to the success of the future P2X ecosystem. Each X-trail is missioned to identify and create a sustainable and viable path to X. Here, we will produce novel materials, designed interfaces, and X-products that will be one of the most important outputs from CAPeX. We will go on to do proof-of-principle demonstrations of the synthesis of sustainable fuels and chemicals in strategic P2X areas with a strong potential impact on a future Danish Energy System X, capable of fully integrating renewable-based P2X technologies. This includes the electrical power conversion capabilities having an unexplored potential by using proactive fast dynamical control of the selectivity of the reactions and potentially increasing the durability of the discovered materials.